Solar Inverters Queensland

MNE Solar Inverters are specially designed for watering systems. A high converting efficiency of 98% and advanced MPPT technology ensure solar energy is fully used. It converts DC Power into AC to drive all kinds of motors. The intelligent design protects the pump from any abnormal cases, such as overloading, over-voltage, dry running, over-heating and low frequency.

Extra Features:

  • SMS Communications
  • Mains / Generator / Solar Hybrid Compatible
  • 3 Year Warranty

Our inverters come as small as .37kw and as large as 110 kw. They can be retro-fitted to existing mains systems to offer a hybrid, enabling heavy users to offset pumping costs by using solar for up to 7 hours a day and automatically switching to a mains/generator as backup of a night.

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More than 20 years in Industrial, Rural, Domestic & Mining applications. Supplying and Installing Solar Pumping Systems

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