Remote Power SuppliesĀ 

If you are in need of a power supply in a remote location, Range Industries can build a tailored solution for you. It may be a small unit for monitoring equipment for water supplies, or for a larger temporary workshop, office or accommodation.

We have built relocatable tank pumping systems for Mines, to larger containerised systems for larger applications. Our containerised systems are complete with engineering certification for the panel mounting system. These offer very low maintenance and nil operating costs, are relocatable and easy to setup.

We use only the best equipment in association with our Offgrid partners at Giant Power.


  • 24hr Water pumping
  • Monitoring stations
  • Relocatable Office / workshop
  • Temporary / permanent accommodation


  • Minimal running costs
  • Zero noise
  • No diesel or oil servicing
  • No diesel fumes


More than 20 years in Industrial, Rural, Domestic & Mining applications. Supplying and Installing Solar Pumping Systems

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  • CEC Accreditation: A3549690