Stand Alone Solar Power Queensland

Looking for a total off grid solar power solution?

Range Industries can help you. These stand alone solar power systems are built around you and your life, tailored to your home/business and your usage. The investment of an Off Grid system can give you piece of mind about your energy security and known future costs. Technology for Off Grid storage has come a long way with well designed systems providing up to 20 years plus for your battery storage, far surpassing older battery systems.

We have Industry leading partnerships supplying the best quality available. Giant power are Australia’s biggest selling Off Grid System and are built right here in Queensland using ¬†power control products, such as SMA and Selectronic . With a large variety of storage solutions Giant also provide the outstanding lead carbon¬†battery technology with outstanding value for money.

More than 20 years in Industrial, Rural, Domestic & Mining applications. Supplying and Installing Solar Pumping Systems

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